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Company profile

SV 1898 Group Inc is committed to provide a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. With the core of PKU alumni in the Silicon Valley, we seek the support and active participation of PKU alumni and their friends in both the US and China to Leverage their diverse background and rich connection to lead the parade of technological innovation across the globe.

v  Concurring with the entrepreneur spirit of our alumni, we provide a business arena to spark wisdom of innovation and encourage individual involvement. 

v  With the advantage of being in the heart of the latest innovation and business trend, we serve as a bridge between Silicon Valley and China.

v  Catch the emerging business opportunities to promote Sino-US exchange.  Strive to serve as the first stop for Chinese enterprises to go global.  Help startups and growing high-tech companies in the US to enter the high-growth market in China.   

v  Form a close alliance with PKU to carry forward its core values.  Encourage and support feedbacks of alumni to His Alma Mater.    Stand by our Alma Mater to embrace the world with renewed initiatives.

v Build commercial enterprises by self-financing.